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The Turnbuckle Tavern

Feb 1, 2022

Peter Weir’s 1985 film, WITNESS, gets our 60 minutes of attention this week, plus a little overtime. We talk how this was a turning point in Harrison Ford’s career, Lukas Haas, original screenplays, “rural films,” and much more!

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Jan 28, 2022

This Friday brings us the 2nd film in Fellini’s filmography, 1952’s THE WHITE SHIEK. We discuss the surprising comedy, the circus inspiration, early hints of surrealism, and much more! Join us every week as we work our way through Fellini’s filmography!

Dec 28, 2021

The 13th and final film from Stanley Kubrick is on deck this week. Chad and Hoch dive into the hypnotic, dream-like fantasy that is EYES WIDE SHUT. Ritualistic sex cult orgies, The Illuminati, the erotic vs the mundane, Sydney Pollack, Rainbow motifs, Christmas trees, and more! Let’s get weird!

Dec 21, 2021

The 1990 holiday classic Home Alone gets an hour of attention this week. We talk John Hughes, the spirit of Christmas, the Chicago setting, John Williams incredible score, the Three Stooges-like slapstick stunt work, fan theories, play selected clips from the movie, and much more!
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Dec 14, 2021

Bob Clark’s 1974 film BLACK CHRISTMAS is up for discussion this week. We dive into the beautiful look of the film & how it elevates it, the camera itself being “the killer”, the theory of John Carpenter’s Halloween being it’s unofficial sequel, Bob Clark’s masterful detail for Christmas films, and much more....