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The Turnbuckle Tavern

Jun 8, 2024

In episode 24 ACEFIELD RETRO returns with MIKE BELCASTER & a returning guest, THE ONE BAD CHAD to discuss the OCT 14th & OCT 21st episodes of MONDAY NITRO. STING is back with a new CROW gimmick for the first time. What are they feeling as they are watching this back for the first time since it aired back in 1996? This is the last time we hear Sting talk until January 1998?! Wow. A legendary debut of a character that it's hard to say they knew would have the impact it did. Things start to get really personal between Savage and Hogan on the build to Halloween Havoc. Does Liz decide to join the NEW WORLD ORDER or will her feelings for RANDY SAVAGE have her siding him?! This is the go-home show Halloween Havoc and the card is absolutely stacked for the spooky season spectacular. We've had weeks and weeks of build. How does this hype remind us of how WWE and AEW build for shows nowadays? DEAN MALENKO gets ready for his match with REY MYSTERIO. THE OUTSIDERS are getting their first shot at tag gold since being in WCW so what will HARLEM HEAT do to throw a roadblock in their way? NASTY BOYS are still trying to join the NEW WORLD ORDER, will HOGAN let his old buddies in with open arms? As per usual, we do some digging into Uncle Dave's newsletter as it happened in real-time to bring in CONTEXT and help us travel completely back to 1996 to get an idea of what this event meant to WCW's drive to overtake WWF in the MONDAY NIGHT WARS. What was the rating like? Is there more drama to unpack? As always, this episode is sure to be a tremendous time with the main homie MIKE BELCASTER and of course CHAD! Don't forget to grab your weekly Shot of Nostalgia at 7 PM Eastern to continue FLASHBACK FRIDAY ON THE TAVERN. As always, tip your bartenders & learn from the past! 

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This episode originally aired on September 30, 2022 on our streaming platforms. We are releasing the back catalog for audio purposes! Enjoy!