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The Turnbuckle Tavern

Feb 24, 2024

In episode 9 Mike and Ace cover the APRIL 22nd & APRIL 29th episodes of Monday Night Nitro from 1996. We continue to travel back in time and revisit the news as it happened in real-time. We continue to build towards WCW SLAMBOREE 1996. THE GIANT starts his 2nd title reign after defeating RIC FLAIR live on NITRO. HULK HOGAN is off to Hollywood and we won’t see him until he makes his triumphant return at BASH AT THE BEACH. We comb through the newsletter & take the pulse of what’s going on in the wrestling world. We compare it to today’s landscape as well. Great conversation! Hop aboard the time-traveling bandwagon on the Tavern and grab your weekly Shot of Nostalgia. As always, tip your bartenders & learn from the past!

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This episode originally aired on June 17, 2022 on our streaming platforms. We are releasing the back catalog for audio purposes! Enjoy!