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The Turnbuckle Tavern

Feb 11, 2024

"THE CONCRETE DRAGON" TRISTEN THAI visits the Tavern to talk all things PRO WRESTLING & MORE. We talk about the origins of the nickname and his journey into pro wrestling. We also chat about ABOVE THE REST and what TAG TEAM wrestling means. We also touch about his relationship with GABRIEL SKYE and aspirations for them in 2024. TRISTEN THAI talks about his love for pro wrestling and his influences from watching wrestling growing up. We talk about REMARKABLE WRESTLING and how he started training to become a wrestler. We discuss where you can find him next and what the next few months hold for THE CONCRETE DRAGON. We touch on what makes the NORTHEAST independent wrestling scene so great. We get into so MUCH during this hour. Don't miss this!


This is sure to be great time chatting with a great dude. Go follow him and support everything he is doing